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Toni Herrbach Anderson

TheHappyHousewife |

Toni is a military wife and a stay at home (schooling) mom to seven kids. When she’s not homeschooling the kids, she likes to read, sew, cook, yard sale, and write. Toni started in January of 2008 as a resource for those who wanted to better manage their homes. From recipes to budgeting, you’ll find real life, practical ways to live well, save more, and have fun! Being a “happy housewife” is not some ideal of a bygone era. Women today are decision makers, influencers, and game changers, so let’s not waste our opportunities!

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Stephanie Brandt

debtfreespending |

Stephanie Brandt is a wife, mother, teacher, non-profit founder, and blogger. She helps other people save money through her blog, She and her husband founded a Toiletry Bank in their local area that helps over 50+ families with free toiletries each month.


Aimee Brittain

PrettyFrugalDiva |

Aimee Brittain is Pretty Frugal Diva  (formerly The Coupon Diva), a single mother living in the Atlanta Area. She began cutting coupons at a young age as the oldest of 8 kids. She became a single mother and decided to start saving money again. She did this until the suggestion of a friend convinced her to start The Coupon Diva which she has been doing ever since. In November of 2009, Aimee was The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s #3 pick for favorite local blogger. She has been featured as a frugal expert on CNN, and she’s a contributor for 11 Alive (NBC Atlanta Affiliate) as a local frugal online reporter.

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Amber Bustanoby

CouponConnections |

Amber Bustanoby is the mother of three girls and one boy.  She and her husband live in Seattle, WA, where she loves to grow flowers and make recipes.  She is the founder of Coupon Connections, a nationally recognized personable blog about grocery couponing, daily deals, and anything else that she thinks will help people make ends meet.

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Erin Chase

5dollardinners |

Erin is the founder and editor of $5, author of The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook (St. Martins Griffin, 2009) and The $5 Dinner Mom Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook (St. Martins Griffin, 2010). She is grateful for her supportive and loving husband, and also for the three rambunctious little men in her life. She does a weekly cooking segment on her local Fox news, and wants everyone to know that you can still eat a fabulous meal on a budget. When not in the kitchen or chasing after her boys, she enjoys running, reading and quiet leisurely evenings, hanging out in the backyard.

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Renae Chiovaro

HowtoHaveItAll |

Renae is a married mom to two young boys- Capt. M & Mr. B. She works full time as a dental hygienist by day and a blogger at How to Have it All by night. She loves country living, gardening and coupons! She rarely pays full price whether it be for groceries, clothing, toys or household items. Renae also believes that you can save big without using coupons by using other strategies such as menu planning and shopping in season.


Crystal Collins

TheThriftyMama |

Crystal Collins is a Natural and Thrifty Mama! She tries to do things as natural as she can without breaking the bank. She believes in eating healthily, helping the environment and saving money!

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Melissa Cox

frugalissafinds |

Melissa Cox, AKA Frugalissa, is a wife and mom to 2 kids. Her family moved to Knoxville, Tennessee from beautiful, sunny southern California a few years ago. She is quite savvy at finding deals, using coupons and saving money. Her motto is “Frugal does not mean I have to be cheap.” She is into natural living, being green and she tries to feed her family healthy, wholesome food. She is proof that you can still be healthy and frugal too. She has a weekly segment on a local ABC news station sharing the top 6 deals of the week. She is a regular guest on a daily radio show as well as a columnist in a bi-monthly magazine in which she shares her frugal tips and money saving deals. She loves to teach others in the community to save money and coupon, too.

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Andrea Deckard

AndreaDeckard |

Andrea is the Founder and Author of the money-saving blog, where she offers money-saving tips, deals and coupons to help you save on what you need so that you can spend on what you want.

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Jen Dotson

ThriftyNWMom |

Jen Dotson lives in the Seattle area and is the founder and co-owner of For the last three years, she has shared her money-saving tips and deals, encouraging readers to cut their spending so they can save more and give more. Jen also loves to find local and frugal events for families to enjoy even while on a budget.  Jen is a wife to a high school teacher & mom to 2 active little girls. Before starting her blogging career, Jen was a Speech-Language Pathologist, working in elementary schools around the Northwest.

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Brandi Francisko

MustLoveCoupons |

Brandi Francisko is the creator of Must Love Coupons, a site that was created to show her love of finding bargains.  With an accounting background, she forged her way into blogging as her world of numbers and spreadsheets collided with finding deals and helping others saving money.  She posts daily on her site while getting the best deals and savings with you in mind!  Brandi resides outside of the Washington, DC area with her husband and two children.

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Lauren Greutman

iamthatlady |

As the author of the website ‘I Am THAT Lady,’  Lauren has a passion for helping people become freed from debt, and she thinks that coupons and meal planning are a way to start that process.   5 years ago she was in over $40,000 worth of debt, and she turned to coupons to help decrease her $1,000 grocery bill a month to a $200 per month budget. Lauren has a very simple approach to teaching people how to save in the grocery store, and she regularly saves 50-75% off her grocery bill every month.  She also eats Gluten Free and is still able to save money for her family despite having a food allergy.

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Phoebe Hendricks

GettingFreedom |

Phoebe Hendricks, the writer behind Getting Freedom, knows what it’s like to be knee deep in debt.  In 2008 she began the long journey of pinching pennies while trying to maintain the same lifestyle.  Through this process she’s realized the simple, unconventional life is far more rewarding!

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Sia Hill

ThriftyNWMom |

Sia Hills, founder of Centsible In Seattle and co-owner of Thrifty Northwest Mom, is currently a Œwork-at-home mom. She started her professional career in the Technical Industry and Corporate Training, and moved from there to non- profit work. She is passionate about sharing frugal living tips and deals, and teaching others how to save more. Sia holds a Bachelors degree from Washington State University.

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Josie Kapetsonis

southerncalisaver |

Josie runs and lives in sunny, Southern California. She’s a stay at home mom to three boys, and she’s a deal hunter by night! We all know that living in California is a task all its own, and saving in California is possible!

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Melissa King

MelissaKing |

Melissa loves to shop (what woman doesn’t?!). However she loves saving money more! She saves money by buying only what she and her family need (with a stockpile of about 8 weeks supply). Each family and their needs are different. Melissa just wants to share how she does it. She is a big believer in paying it forward! Melissa is the wife of an emergency room travel nurse and the mother of a sweet and smart little boy. This has been a great way to see our beautiful country, but it has also made it a necessity to save money, and live frugally as they move often. Other hobbies besides sharing her love of couponing and helping others save money include: nature photography, exploring national parks, cooking, and volunteering.

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Brittany Ramos

ThePrudentPatron |

Brittany’s a third generation couponer, a wife and a mom. She loves to score a great deal and to help people save money! At her website,, she helps others shop smarter and save more with coupons, frugal tips, hot deals and freebies!

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Lynette Rice

CleverlySimple |

Lynette started to teach others how to coupon effectively and efficiently.  A full-time mom to two young boys, she’s busy playing trucks and posting deals, sometimes at the same time.  She loves to share tips and tricks to help readers save money and time while traveling the road to achieve their financial goals.


Shannon Snow

couponprincess |

Shannon is the Coupon Princess. She loves to shop with coupons of all kinds, find deals, and help others to live better by saving money on everything they love to buy! Print coupons, find deals, hear stories of her craziness at home and with the kids, product reviews and much more!

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Jenna Urban

bucktownbargains |

Jenna has extended a 3 month maternity leave into 3 years with the help of couponing.  Her passion for savings escalated into a bargain blog, Bucktown Bargains. Bucktown Bargains is updated daily with national coupons/deals and Jenna also runs a local site featuring the best deals in NEPA.  Jenna is also featured weekly on the news with a Bargain Mom segment.

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Kara Zoeller

SavingByDesign |

Kara is the creator of Saving by Design.  She has always thought of herself as a bargain hunter, but she really began using coupons for all they were worth a few years ago when she left her career as a biologist to be a stay-at-home mom.   She began Saving by Design to share deals and couponing tips with family and friends.  Knowing what it’s like to struggle with money in today’s economy, making a difference in people’s lives and showing them that there was a way that they could help themselves was a great feeling.  Kara lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two young children.  She enjoys gardening, crafts, and also writes a weekly savings column in an award-winning local newspaper.